Liam McLaughlin



Liam McLaughlin is based in North Antrim. He is regarded by his fellow musicians as one of the best songwriters in the country.

Declan Nerney, Patrick Feeney, Bonnie Stewart, Jason McGilligan, Noel Flynn and many other well known singers have recorded songs penned by Liam.

Liam's family are all talented musicans and his 93 year old father is still playing his accordian and singing his favourite songs.

Liam's brothers, Gerry, John and Brendan are all very talented musicians and have played with many of Ireland's top showbands. Liam's sister Ann is also a talented singer/songwriter.

Nowadays, Liam is still busy playing in the dance halls all over Ireland and also plays in America, England and Scotland.

Liam's ability to entertain and pick the songs that suit the occasion, makes him one of the most sought after Solo Acts on the circuit.